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Centre for Chlidren's Health


Centre for Children's Health

The Centre for Children’s Health dedicated exclusively to children’s health, aims to make significant contributions to paediatric medicine, foster interdisciplinary collaboration and improve the well-being of children worldwide.

The Centre for Children’s Health brings together a diverse team of experts, including paediatricians, researchers, scientists and educators, who share a common goal of understanding and addressing the unique health needs of children. With its multidisciplinary approach, the Centre for Children’s Health will focus on a wide range of areas that impact children’s well-being. Research initiatives will encompass childhood diseases, nutrition, mental health, preventive strategies, and innovative treatment modalities. By exploring these areas, the centre aims to improve child health outcomes, enhance early detection of diseases and promote preventive measures to ensure a healthier future for children.

Collaboration will be at the heart of the Centre for Children’s Health’s endeavours. By forging partnerships with local and international organisations, healthcare providers, and policymakers, the centre aims to drive positive change in child healthcare at both regional and global levels. The exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources will enable the centre to tackle complex challenges more effectively and translate research findings into tangible improvements in paediatric healthcare practices.

The University of Bolton’s Centre for Children’s Health for the Institute of Medicine marks a significant milestone in advancing children’s healthcare. With its dedicated team of experts, cutting-edge research and collaborative approach, the centre is poised to make lasting contributions to the well-being and future of children worldwide.

Reconstruction of Facial Defects with Local Skin Flaps Course

COURSE DATE: October 18, 2024

VENUE: Bolton University Medical School, Redgate Way, Bolton, BL4 0JR

AIMED AT: Trainees, AMPs, Surgical Dermatologists and GPs




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