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The Institute of Medicine Launches Activities in India: A Step Towards Global Health Collaboration

The Institute of Medicine (IoM) at the University of Bolton, UK, recently marked its entry into India with a private reception held at the Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi. The event aimed to announce the launch of IoM’s activities in India and foster collaborations with key stakeholders in the health and medical education sectors.

The event commenced with a warm welcome and introduction by Dr. Sai Pillarisetti, the Lead for International Partnerships at IoM.  The prestigious event was attended by the Hon’ble Health Minister of Delhi, Mr. Saurabh Bharadwaj, as the chief guest. Mr. Bharadwaj, in his address, lauded the efforts of Professor Iqbal Singh CBE, Chair of IoM and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Medicine) at the University of Bolton, for his significant contributions to medical education and healthcare in the UK and internationally.

Professor Iqbal Singh CBE, a distinguished figure in the medical community, outlined IoM’s vision during the event. He emphasised the institute’s commitment to delivering undergraduate and postgraduate medical education while striving to enhance access to medical education globally.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Iqbal Singh CBE expressed IoM’s intentions to forge strong partnerships with Indian institutions, both in the public and private sectors. These partnerships will encompass various initiatives such as student exchanges, educational forums and collaborative degree programmes, aiming to enrich the medical education landscape in both countries.

”The University of Bolton Institute of Medicine is planning to establish strong links and a wide range of partnerships with Indian institutions in both the private and public sector. Our medical school is committed to producing 21st century doctors who are not only academics, scholars and innovators but who also understand the importance of compassion, cultural competence and professionalism which will support them to develop as medical practitioners capable of delivering holistic care to their patients.”

Hon’ble Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj commended the bilateral approach proposed by IoM, highlighting the mutual benefits it could bring to both India and the UK. He emphasised India’s historical prominence in medicine and healthcare and expressed optimism about the collaborative efforts leading to advancements in global healthcare standards.

“It is great to see the 2-way relationship between the UK & India that the Institute plans to establish - I would like to congratulate Prof Iqbal Singh CBE for leading the way in this endeavour, harnessing both Indian & British expertise to improve patient care & medical education globally. India has always been a leader in medicine & health and has a lot to offer the world. I look forward to seeing this relationship flourish to further advance excellence in health & medical education for both countries.”

The event witnessed the participation of eminent personalities from India’s healthcare and medical education sectors, reflecting a keen interest in engaging with IoM’s initiatives.

As IoM embarks on its journey in India, it envisions establishing itself as a beacon of excellence in medical education and fostering robust collaborations to address contemporary healthcare challenges on a global scale.

In the coming years, IoM aims to expand its engagement with India and other nations, driven by a shared commitment to advancing healthcare education and practice worldwide.