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The University of Bolton's IoM Collaborates with Royal Bolton Hospital Trust to Provide Insight into NHS Operations

Last week marked a significant milestone between the Institute of Medicine at the University of Bolton and the Royal Bolton Hospital Trust. MBA Global Healthcare Management students from the Institute of Medicine, attended a one-day educational visit to gain first-hand insights into the challenges encountered by the NHS, particularly in supporting the diverse healthcare needs of Bolton’s population.  Led by Alex Cottrell, Divisional Director of Operations, and Rosie Connor, Deputy Divisional Director of Operations at the Royal Bolton Hospital Trust, the initiative aimed to also offer students a comprehensive understanding of the operational intricacies within the NHS and also focused on explaining various non-clinical operational roles and career pathways available within the healthcare sector.

Topics covered during the educational sessions included:

  1. Translating Strategy into Action: Providing students with insights into the strategic decision-making processes crucial for effective healthcare management.
  2. Day in the Life: Operational Manager: Offering a glimpse into the responsibilities and challenges faced by operational managers in healthcare settings, along with a review of the necessary knowledge and skills.
  3. Operational Performance: Looking into the metrics and strategies employed to monitor and improve operational performance within healthcare organisations.
  4. Programme Management: How it is key in driving forward improvements and the role of the Programme Manager.

The day was a huge success, providing the students with invaluable insights into the day-to-day operations of the Royal Bolton Hospital. It not only enhanced their understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals but also shed light on career opportunities alongside clinical roles.

“A huge thanks to Alex Cottrell and Rosie Connor for orchestrating such a fantastic day for our MBA Global Healthcare Management students. Their passion in guiding our students through the intricacies of NHS operations have been invaluable. This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey toward deeper understanding and collaboration between academia and healthcare institutions.” – Clare Swarbrick, Institute of Medicine Postgraduate Programmes Director

For the benefit of our students and employing organisations, by bridging academia and healthcare, this initiative aims to strengthen the relationship between the Institute of Medicine and the Royal Bolton Hospital Trust while further fostering a deeper understanding of healthcare management among future leaders.

As the collaboration progresses, it is poised to improve healthcare delivery and create the next generation of healthcare leaders equipped to tackle the evolving challenges within the NHS and healthcare systems worldwide.

Thank you to the senior leadership team within The University of Bolton, Institute of Medicine and The Royal Bolton Hospital for supporting this collaboration.